CD Liner Notes

 Visual artists have a rite of passage that typically includes making a self-portrait. For musicians, the equivalent might be the solo album. This collection of original songs reflects my diverse tastes and influences. I wrote the music and words, played the instruments (except for a few drum loops), sang the vocal parts and recorded the entire project on my BOSS BR-1600 Digital Recording Studio in my home. So I guess you can say, this is my ‘self portrait’ in sound. I hope you enjoy listening.

This is My Heart. David Higginbotham

THANKS TO: Our Creator Who allows me to be the vessel through which this music flows. My parents for being so supportive. Zofia for being my companion and loving me despite all my imperfections. All the musicians with whom I have had the privilege of playing. Bob Boyd for helping me find the way whenever I painted myself into a musical corner. Randy McDonald for post production at Zanbeck Recording Studio. Pat Henry for proving it could be done. Terry Watson for photography. Buster Hall for cover design. Bobby Lincoln for building the website.

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