Song Titles and Descriptions

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1. "This Is My Heart" A song about the greatest gift anyone can conceive.
2. "Love’s An Open Door" Dedicated to Zofia who came a long way to find out what she’s always known. Love’s door is always open.
3. "The World Would Much Brighter Be" I liked this title and decided to write what it meant to me.
4. "What If Tomorrow Never Comes?" After seeing a sign in front of a church that said “One today is worth two tomorrows.” I said to myself, “That’s right. All we really have is today, because, what if tomorrow never comes?”
5. "I See You" Anyone who cannot get that special someone off their mind will relate to this song.
6. "Irena Matka" To Irena with thanks for a lovely daughter. I even sing some Polish on this one.
7. "The Eyes Of Children" After seeing a documentary about the forgotten children in the orphanages of Romania, I was moved to write this song.
8. "Two Walk A Trail" I wrote this song when I was in high school. It holds up pretty well after all these years.
9. "One Day She Flew" For Grace, who lost her husband and anyone who has gone through a difficult grieving process. I hope you can sing your song again.
10. "How Can We Cross The Great Divide?" For my boys and anyone who finds it difficult to bridge the gap and reclaim the love in a relationship.
11. "Thin Ice / Liberating Lover" Two songs that were written consecutively. It wasn’t until they were both finished that I realized they were supposed to go together.
12. "Flying To Forever" A love story about two ‘eagles’ who meet and fly to forever.
13. "The Mariachi Ball" While watching a movie about the great Mexican artist Frida Karlo, I was taken with the deep emotion of the singer in this film.
14. "Some Say" A song about what some people say and what I truly know.
15. "What Good Am I Without You?" Everybody needs someone to face the great unknown and know you’re not alone.

All songs, words, and music: David Higginbotham, Copyright © Bigg Higg Music, 2007, ASCAP